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DDos attack

S_P_Y_R_O a posted Apr 8, 14
Pixel was DDos'd... You know who you are. Just a heads up that the server will be down for 24H.

Expect a video to be posted soon, too, so check that out :D
tore0423 Gosh Darn Butt Holes.
BoboFett42 You don't know who it was? Figures cus I was hosting brackets then it just lagged...
Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvUAyt-QQug for all the needed info.

- DEV quit
- Pixel 2.0 hasn't been started, despite being close for 2 weeks
- I'll be looking for a new coder, 2.0 will happen when I find that person
- I'm looking for an appartment to move out into :)
GummyKits I hope things get better for you.
kmphnngyn Yo spyro, I know this is a bit late but I want an urban, I have played pixel for a while then I got banned and i was hop ...

Server Down/Whitelisted.

S_P_Y_R_O a posted Mar 11, 14
Just so you understand what's going on, many of you have seen first hand the crashing that has been happening in PixelKits every few hours or so. We recently changed server hosts in order to see if the server itself was the problem, but it turned out to be one of the plugins. I'm having someone who actually knows what they're doing take a look at it for me, so expect Pixel to be up tonight, and at worst tomorow. 

Thanks, and sorry!

Pvp_at_its_Best dang it I guess im just going to play mcpvp all day XD
Hey guys, today is a very special day. PixelKits is celebrating it's 7 month anniversary (6 if you don't count december). For this occassion, you will notice I created a free kit day. Enjoy free kits until midnight, eastern time.

 I also posted a video on our channel @ www.youtube.com/user/pixelkits. This is a VERY special video, and it explains what pixel has been through these passed 7 months.

 Niknea has created a new kit GUI, as you also may have noticed when selecting a kit. This GUI will be tinkered with, so nothing is final, but I personally love it. 

There's a new coupon code that will last for one day, and will give a massive 50% off anything in stores. Use "6Months" for the discount when you're ready to check out.

Enjoy yourselves, guys. If you have time, check out that video i spoke of, it's really cool and it means a lot to me :) Have fun today, and every other day, peoplez
BoboFett42 50% off? Expect me to buy stuff ...

New TeamSpeak!

S_P_Y_R_O a posted Feb 25, 14
Hey guys, Spyro here with a quick news post.

I recently rented out a TS server, and I'd like to see how it does for a month :)

Join the server @ PixelKits.TS3DNS.com

Seeya there :)
BoboFett42 I thought the taco posted this? Wat??.??.!!!one!!1
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