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S_P_Y_R_O aOwner
S_P_Y_R_O @ PixelKits.us
posted Jul 30, 14
Hey guys. Spyro here. It's finally here - Pixel 3.0. This is our attempt at conforming to the EULA standards. While we haven't given up completely on the idea of giving donors more gameplay features, you've got to give us credit for trying, right? Here's some of the new features!
- You can now buy over 18 kits with your pixels! Only 350 per kit, too!
- VIP, MVP, and Pixel ranks have all been deleted. Watch the video to find out more.
- God ranks will now have access to /trail, an amazing command. You can find what it does yourself, though :]
There's a lot more, and a lot more to come, but these are the basics.

I'd like to thank tore0423, glory_fades, and Jimfutsu for coding all these amazing things! 

Tore has been coding things that not everyone can see. He's been fixing bugs, writing up the GUI descriptions for the new kits, making amazing cosmetic commands like /trail, and patching up the kits that all the other devs have made. He's not thanks nearly enough by any of us, and I believe we should fix that.

Jim has been coding kits that I never thought possible for Pixel. In the past week or two, he's coded Riftwalker, Rogue, bomber, and a ton of cool commands that may or may not be added to PixelKits. We should all thank him for his dedication :]

Glory has coded something truly new to PixelKits. He spent over a week developing a new Feast minigame, which comprises several kits, an auto chest refill plugin, and a lot more goodies! If you haven't tried it yet, you're sure to love it. Thanks, glory. The minigame is amazing :]

(Thanks to LemonLimeLife, too, who built the feast map, and a ton of other new warps in the map!)

I will have a video uploaded later tonight on the PixelKits channel @ www.youtube.com/PixelKits. Check it out :]
PehVePeh Truly is amazing, thank you glory,tore and jim for coding such great additions to pixelkits ...
faceman42 Moderator
faceman42 @ PixelKits.us
Thanks for all your hard work with the update guys! You all should really be proud. You guys did a hell of a job. I'm lo ...
micahcrafter Great job! Thanks S_P_Y_R_O, as well as jim, tore, and glory for all your work!

A giveaway you might want to check out ~

S_P_Y_R_O aOwner
S_P_Y_R_O @ PixelKits.us
posted Jul 23, 14
Hey guys, Spyro here. I won't be active on PK for the next 2ish days, personal reasons. 


PixelKits is hosting a giveaway. The prize is what you may be interested, right? You should be.

The prize is a custom kit. No, not a 6$ custom. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The winner of this giveaway will win the chance to make their OWN KIT, complete with an ability of their choice. Have you ever wanted to throw an exploding steak? Well, you can now! Maybe you want to run around like a chicken? YOU CAN!

If you win this Giveaway, you get to choose a kit of your own. No one else will ever be able to use this kit. You get to choose armor, potions, items, abilities, enchantments. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!

One catch... The winner will not be chosen at random. The 4 admins of PixelKits will decide together on who made the most creative entry for the contest. You can do anything, a playthrough on Pixel, an IRL video, a fan art, pretty much anything. We will choose the funniest entry, and possibly more if there's a lot of good ones. Just remember, though. Be creative. You could do a video on the server if you don't have access to a camera in real life, or you could draw something, or write a story. 


The due date to enter the contest is by august 3rd. We will be announcing the winners on august 5th, sometime in the afternoon. Remember, though. Be creative. The more creative, the bigger the chances  you'll be chosen. 

jimfutsu When is it over? and if it is how will we know the winner?
gisawesome I'm going to write a gay erotic porn fan fiction about spyro and glory gettin' it on or spyro and rose or something else ...

Hosted MiniGame or Non Hosted MiniGame

glory_fades aAdmin
glory_fades @ PixelKits.us
posted Jul 22, 14
Hello Guys I'am here to announce some news that I think you might enjoy. So i noticed that PixelKits lacks MiniGames, so I decided to code a new MiniGame feast. now after I have coded this MiniGame S_P_Y_R_O told me a great idea but I wanted to see what you guys think. So what this Feast Minigame includes is a feast map a custom kit GUI with some hungergames kits and a new kit Reaper. Now my idea was just to have it like lms so you would type /fhost and it hosts etc... Then S_P_Y_R_O pitched an idea where instead all you do is type /feast and you would be teleported to a feast map with a kit gui and the new kits. Which means it wont be hosted and you can just warp in pvp with some feast kits and have a great time, so I want you guys to vote for what you want and the non hosted minigame will have like 4x the kits, and if you have any other idea whether its kits, minigames  or minigame kits. Just please leave a post on the forums of what you would like to see added to PixelKits. 

p.s. Coding takes a lot of effort hard work and dedication, so make sure you thank me and tore0423(Mainly tore0423 but still thank me once in a while) the feeling of someone thanking you for your hard work is unbelievable.

Vote Here ----->  http://strawpoll.me/2168095
PehVePeh I think it should be hosted, otherwise its the same thing as spawn pvp but just different kits
Phontix I think it would be more fun if feast was not a hosted event. It would give players a chance to practice their HG skills ...
Mateusnbp I like more Hosted minigames, because is more simple ...

Minecraft EULA Being Enforced

S_P_Y_R_O aOwner
S_P_Y_R_O @ PixelKits.us
posted Jun 19, 14
Hey guys, Spyro here. As many of you know, the End User Licence Agreement is being enforced on Minecraft servers, which will greatly affect PixelKits. For those who don't know, what the EULA says is that players are not to make money off of their game. This means that players can not donate to their favorite servers. Recently, however, they stated that servers are allowed to ask for donations, however the only "rewards" allowed to be given are "COSMETIC" items, abilities, and commands. Basically, all players, donor or not, should experience the same type of gameplay, and no player should have an advantage over another due to spending money.

Now, as you guys know what makes PK special is that new players who haven't yet donated have over 22 options from kits to choose from. This is nearly unmatched by any other KitPvP server. While F2P (Free 2 play) players do have many options, the EULA will still affect PK, since donors have access to about double the kits F2P players have. According to Mojang, this has to change.

I agree with what Mojang is doing to a certain extent. Some other server owners charge upwards $400 for a rank. Many people try to "scam" their players, and those servers should be abolished. I do not feel, however, that servers like PK, Mineplex, and other servers that strongly believe in equality amongst non-donors and donors should be affected by this.

I am a lucky person. I own a server that averages 20 players, I have several dedicated admins, and I have a very intelligent Developer willing to work for PK for free. I feel PixelKits will get through this. A lot of updates will be coming, and they will be good updates. What I dislike is that literally 75% of the players of PixelKits are donors, and I still have to figure out how to make it fair for those who donated.

You can expect me to release information about to coming updates as I figure it out. I have a lot of ideas, but nothing has been started yet and so I won't confirm anything. Thanks for reading, you can expect PK to stay alive through this, even if I must pay from my own pocket.
District7331 I would have to disagree and agree with this. Some people might not be able to afford the ranks but since there are free ...
SilverHyruler Well, I just donated. It wasn't much, but hopefully it will help you.
gisawesome Dan ...

Kit balancing / New spawn / New kits / Your opinions?

S_P_Y_R_O aOwner
S_P_Y_R_O @ PixelKits.us
posted May 20, 14
Recently, a lot of you have been seeing Pixel change, and for the better. There's been the inclusion of a new spawn, and it's one I've worked weeks on ( I made it mostly alone :] ), there's been 3 new kits added, all of them for default users, and the recent kit balancing made MANY players, including me, very happy.

In my opinion, Pixel is starting to change, and while it isn't all at once like 2.0 was meant to do, it's definitely a step in the right direction. 

New devs 

Recently, the developer looparound quit. Not many of you knew him, since he wasn't very interactive with the players, however it certainly sucks, since he was nearly done with 2.0. In order to replace him, you will notice 2 new Devs coding for pixel: Tore0423, and Jimfutsu. They have both been working very hard, and I'm glad to say they are both very good people (A few of you may know my passionate hate for devs, since 90% of them are ddosing meanies). Tore was able to create 2 of the 3 new kits so far (SOOO many more to come), and Jimfutsu completely finished the kit balancing, added a NoBreak to the armor, and created one kit!

Both of these devs are amazing, and you should definitely thank them :] 

maxitron05 thanks torte and jimmy and big thanks to tore for info!
gisawesome Thank you toreo and jimmy!
tore0423 aAdmin
tore0423 @ PixelKits.us
Thank you ...
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