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S_P_Y_R_O aOwner posted Nov 22, 15








firetahir Auto-discons me from server, can u fix this?

Halloween event 2014!

S_P_Y_R_O aOwner posted Oct 29, 14
Hey guys - Spyro here for another news post. Micah recently posted a video on the PixelKits youtube channel, which you can find by just scrolling down this newspost. Really quickly - here's a brief description.

*New spawn for the 29th / 30th

*3 event Prizes hidden throughout the entire map. Simply find them to be awarded the kit! Work with the rest of the server to find all 3 before they disappear for EVER!

*We will soon be having huge updates to the kits plugin. Minigames, kits, basic commands and a lot more are going to be edited!

We hope you enjoy the event. Once Jimfutsu is finished coding the event we will be releasing it to the server! Have fun, happy halloween!

iujhgtre please unban me from pk
iujhgtre some one ban me i think it was a hacker that did it so please unban me :( pixel is and always will be my fav server ign...
firehawk921 Wait, are the kits hidden in one map, or three separate ones?

A lot of updates

MicahChu posted Oct 2, 14
Hey guys, Micah here.
I just wanted to clarify everything that's been going on lately. I know that I personally would be rather confused, so I'm here to lay everything out.
  1. Yes, I am temporarily the owner of PixelKits. Not co-owner, not permanent owner, temporary owner until S_P_Y_R_O returns. Yes, he will return.
  2. Being an owner is hard. I am constantly bombarded with questions, so I really am sorry if I can't get back to you immediately. However, while I am on the subject of questions, please stop asking me for Mod. The way you get mod is you make an application, then be helpful and friendly in-game. Asking me for mod will make no difference, and in fact is very annoying and will most likely decrease your chance of ever getting it.
  3. I would like to apologize about yesterday and the day before. I got owner while a lot was happening in my life, so I was naturally very stressed out by both owning Pixel and dealing with School, so I may have been a little snappy. I also didn't know any of the commands regarding permissions, which did get in the way of me helping some people. However, I have now figured out how to properly use permissions and that shouldn't be an issue anymore.
  4. As many of you have probably been expecting, there have been a few promotions. First of all, firehawk got builder! Secondly, both gisawesome and murilizm are now mod+. Congrats to them!
  5. There are also some changes that may be coming soon. For example, I have already started giving out a pixel reward for Feast! I hope to have pixel rewards for all minigames soon, but it will be a motivation to play! To dispel the rumors, Jim is not quitting. He will continue to be an awesome developer for us. I am also starting a new map soon, and will try to make it easier for new players to understand how the server works. I do also plan to remove all customs, although the logistics of that have not been fully worked out yet. I'm also thinking of adding a new purchasable rank: VIP (It's a secret what it will add).
  6. One last final thing: I would like to extend a huge thank-you to Jolip for helping me learn the commands I need to run this server, faceman for helping me come up with new ideas, and both Spartan and Rose for standing up for me when people have been trash-talking about me (although I did expect this to happen, as I am now the owner of a server).
  7. All that's left to say is that Pixel won't die, and I hope you all have fun.
That's all, folks!

gisawesome Admin
firehawk921 Woo hoo, that dark age cleared real fast, lets move on to a new era of pixel!!

Is PK closing?

S_P_Y_R_O aOwner posted Sep 24, 14
There's been rumors - created by god knows who - that PixelKits will be closing in 7 days. I'm here to state that these rumors aren't necessarily true.

I've lose motivation to continue working on PixelKits for the time being. To be fully honest, I have much more enjoyment playing "Runescape". I don't know if this'll continue for a while longer, but after running Pixel for a year I need an honest to god break..

Some of the staff have been working their butts off just trying to keep the server at a 10 players. Other staff have seemingly quit along with some other players.

Pixel needs donations. Even if I can't be online, I still browse the forums pretty much literally every hour or so. I keep up to date with who's online, who's posting, who's quitting, etc. All I'm trying to say is without donations pixel won't stay up. I can't be online, and even though that's a pretty damned good reason to assume Pixel will die, the only way it'll stand a chance at staying up is with the help of those few dedicated players that are still out there. 

Jimfutsu is still working on new kits. Jolip is still moderating the chat and doing everything to keep things running, Faceman is right there helping jolip, too. micah is trying to get some new players. All the staff that are still trying to keep pixel alive are there willing to help you. 

Pixel needs a few dollars in donations every month. It's 35$ monthly, and an extra 7$ for this website right here. We're at 20 right now. 

I don't know who started the rumors, they based it on fact but it turned into an awful mess of a rumor. The fate of Pixel is up to you guys. Thanks for everything.
Hops It's really cool talk with 121 about perni yes pernilongo.. Translate it: Portuguese Brazil = English
firehawk921 I hear you. Every night, when I'm just building, someone just comes on, and starts talking about their dick. It...

PixelKits whitelist - Why

S_P_Y_R_O aOwner posted Sep 8, 14
PixelKits is currently in whitelist. What will all the nerds do? Where will they all go? I have answers :]

Hey guys, Spyro here again. Recently I've put up a whitelist on PixelKits, and only staff have access to logging in. Originally, the reason for doing so was as follows:

"I'm tired of all this drama created with the admins quitting. I'm whitelisting the server for a few days and giving everyone time to calm down."

While, this is still the reason, there's now a second reason. So far, I've settled my differences with tore0423 and glory_fades. Taco remains immature, however, and griefed a part of this website, which I restored.

The second reason for the whitelist being up is this:

An old developer you may remember named Niknea recently contacted me. He was worried for Pixel, since it had lost its admins and 2/3rds of the developers. He's willing to help code new plugins for PixelKits. I'm still a bit sceptical, not to be rude, but I accepted nonetheless. He'll be creating new kits, minigames, and all in all smoothing PixelKits to make it a better server performance-wise overall.

Jimfutsu is also working hard on a new plugin - remember how I mentioned in a video that we need more stuff to do at spawn? He's making that exactly! The way he's coding it is so that the items and abilities of the spawn stuff will ONLY work in a selected area. So far, he's made a jetpack that only allows you to fly in the confines of spawn, and a flamethrower.

Essentially, I'm just trying to say that you should expect some pretty amazing things coming when Pixel is back up. And, it's not too long from now - only 4 days :]
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